About us

GB SAFARI is a locally relevant world class online reservation startup.

At GB Safari, our mission is to help travelers discover their dream hotels, cars, tour destinations, tour guides and tour operating companies for their trip to the spectacular Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. 

With every query, GB Safari gets travelers the information they need to find the right hotels, rental cars, private accommodation and vacation packages. 

Keeping in view the influx of mass global tourism in Gilgit-Baltistan, we are pioneering to revolutionize the tourism industry of Gilgit-Baltistan by aligning it with the modern lines of reservation and booking practices.

By utilizing our online reservation portal our clients can compare prices and facilities at different hotels, cars and pick their fantasy destination and tours.

Individual hotels, small hotel chains, private accommodations, transporters and tour arrangement often cannot afford the expense of these direct connections and turn to other companies to provide the connections or sometimes they prefer to outsource due to hectic workload. GB Safari is all about solution to these hitches. We are specialized in hotel reservation, connecting travelers to best tour arrangement companies and transport providers.

Along with reservation services we provide online security to the privacy and financial information to both our valuable customers as well as of our partner companies.

The potential customers no longer need to call just to find out the availability of hotel rooms, trip packages and transport; they simply need to visit your website. From there, they can reserve or book and pay within minutes and have multiple payment options.

On the other hand, our reservation and booking portal represent a huge lifting of workload from staff of our partner service providers (hotels, cars, tour destinations, tour guides and tour companies) and dramatically improve the standards of service. And provide real time information on availability to customers and minimize reservation and booking errors and unnecessary complications.

Since GB Safari allows people from all over the world to chose hotels, best destinations, cars and tours and book their relevant services, we make sure that our online reservation system has all of these features at the very least, as it makes the experience smooth for both for the customers and service providers.

GB Safari is an organized, cohesive and functional online booking system to help surviving in the ever-growing tourism market in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Beautiful Image Gallery
High resolution images on GB Safari that enables customers to visualize what they will experience when they book hotel rooms, choose destinations, cars and trips.
Appealing look and user’s friendly interface
GB Safari has an exceptionally rich and clear site. It is, straightforward and simple to use and eye catching buttons to browse your favorite deals and services. It contains actionable language (e.g. Make a Booking / Reserve Your Seat!)
Real-Time Booking
Our real-time booking features give the freedom to customers choose when and where you want to travel and stay. In the meantime, customers can book hotels, cars and tours when it is convenient for them, and they receive immediate confirmation of their reservation and booking. This gets rid of the hassle of answering phone-in availability inquiries.
Social Media Integration
GB Safari is fully integrated with Social media forums and allows our customers to quickly link to your social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+.
Multiple Payment Options
GB Safari allows the customers to pay via different payment methods, including Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer and Cash on Delivery COD.
Credit Card Storage Options and financial security
In addition to offering safe and secure ways to pay, premium booking systems also offer credit card storage options. This allows customers to store their credit card information in a safe and secure manner, and is especially helpful if the customer is planning to book more than one tour with your company.
Visual Calendars
A visual calendar allows tour and activity operators to see what their daily, weekly and monthly calendars look like at a glance. It’s an easy way to plan for staffing, additional tours and refreshments that might be needed. The fact that it updates automatically means there’s one source of the truth. This is much more efficient than going back and forth with other staff members to double-check.
24-hour Online and On-Call Support
Our valuable partners and customers at GB Safari might need support when it comes to their online booking system. We make sure to provide 24/7 both online customer support and customer support over the phone.